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 ProLingual Spanish empowers professionals through Spanish language training and services. Whether you are an individual wanting to enhance your language skills or a corporation working with Hispanic clients, ProLingual Spanish offers a variety of language training and services to help you succeed in this highly competitive global economy. As the Hispanic population continues to grow in the United States, more and more opportunities are going to arise where knowledge of the Spanish language and Hispanic culture will be a competitive edge. Investing in yourself now will help you be able to communicate more effectively with clients and business partners. 

The Technical Stuff


Our innovative and intentional framework serves as a facilitator and engages the trainee to become the principal partner in their professional growth. Our comprehensive approach to learning connects the learner with resources and learning opportunities that encourage knowledge transfer, skill development and competency advancement. 

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Our Expertise


 Our programs and services are also designed to go beyond the traditional workshop and incorporate suggested readings, online resources, practical application strategies, reflection prompts and networking ideas. Staff members are encouraged to utilize a variety of strategies to further their professional development.  

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"Andrea is a fantastic instructor to help you with your Spanish on any level. She can tailor the lessons specifically for your interest and skill level. She has been teaching students on all levels for many years and understands the process for students to learn and practice Spanish. She is very accommodating and enjoys teaching her native language to her students. I have been taking lessons from her for many years and my Spanish skills have really improved as a result."

- Meredith Leahy

Environmental Services Specialist  

"Focused and Energized!"

"I enjoyed Andrea’s teaching style, demeanor, passion for the culture and history associated with the language, and patience.  You can tell that Andrea thoroughly enjoyed being there and in spite of all the activities she manages, she brought the same enthusiasm and energy to every class.  Andrea was always very focused, energized, and made me feel important and valued during our sessions.  Not only did I thoroughly enjoy our learning sessions, my Spanish developed quite well."

- Mike Hassett

Environmental Engineer

"Highly Recommended!"

" As a lawyer, I have always felt that it would be beneficial to have a basic understanding of Spanish. Andrea has been teaching me Spanish for the past 2 years and has helped me develop an ability to engage in conversational Spanish. Now I can converse with my Hispanic clients and it gives them a level of comfort. I would highly recommend Andrea for anyone looking to learn Spanish for day-to-day work situations or any other reason."

- Michael Goldberg, Esq.

Fried Rogers Goldberg, LLC

"I Learned So Much!"

" For several years, I’ve had the pleasure to study Spanish with Andrea Garcia. But I’ve learned so much more from Andrea than Spanish. She is a multi-dimensional person who has great curiosity about history, different world cultures and life in general. Andrea brings a spirit and energy to anything she does."

- Maria Sapota


"A Welcoming and Supportive Atmosphere!"

 "Such a  friendly and warm approach! Andrea was able to create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere throughout your presentation, that not only engaged us in the subject, but motivated us to share ideas, opinions and personal experiences without reservation. I learned the importance of self-awareness and that through cognitive behavior, I can identify my emotions to unpleasant circumstances, and therefore, I'll be able to respond to them instead of reacting to them."

- Maria Zuckerman Author