Spanish for the Corporate Professional


Our Spanish language learning program takes a unique approach to language learning in order to help students of all levels achieve fluency. We offer the convenience of a live person that interacts and responds to the student's needs in the moment and tailors the teaching to the client's business niche. Our corporate Spanish programs will help you better communicate with your staff and clients. We can be available onsite, to adapt around your business & employee schedules.

Our experienced language team will work with you to customize a series of Spanish language courses and lessons best suited to the skill levels of your team members, using business-appropriate terminology. Our staff is well-versed in a range of professions, including areas such as business, medicine, health and social services, marketing, advertising, finance, education, tourism and government. 

We create the program based on your needs and expectations. To begin, we have a session in which we sit and discuss your goals and time frames to create a plan that is suitable to you or your company. We believe that language classes should be able to be delivered in any environment with the same objective: to be engaging and stimulating, highly interactive with an orally driven atmosphere, and culturally relevant.

Learning Spanish is not something that can be done overnight, but if you are committed ProLingual Spanish can help you reach your goals. Speaking Spanish can be a key factor in advancing your career as well as being personally rewarding. We have several learning options to suit your educational needs.

The program is divided into 4 levels:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced I
  • Advanced II 


Conversational Spanish Classes


In a conversation course, students will improve their speaking skills and become more proficient in Spanish. Students will discuss current events, brainstorm to solve problems, participate in role playing activities, and prepare presentations to develop vocabulary, reinforce grammatical structures, and utilize new expressions and colloquialisms. Excerpts from movies and news clips will be used as springboards for discussion.

For private groups we provide a general assessment to understand the strengths and needs of each student. Based on the results, we provide recommendations for the group course to be submitted for approval before we start the program. We want to provide a course that creates the most value for our clients. Therefore, we will work hard to tailor our courses to the individual client or company's needs to make them as relevant as possible

If you are an advanced student and need role play practice in your field, we provide the conversational practice so you can properly prepare for your presentation or professional practice.

We believe in performance tracking, so we offer periodically testing to create measurable results so we can follow the progress and make the necessary adjustments to meat any deadline or goal you or your company have.

We also find that marrying language instruction to its underlying culture adds much more interest and texture to the learning dynamic. This type of multi-dimensional learning approach accelerates learning and is just plain more stimulating and interesting.

We also have association with volunteer programs that will enable you to work with the Spanish speaking community so you get to practice your language skills and have the opportunity to be in a semi-immersion environment